Wicked Frozen  - Composer, Lyricist

Written with Zoe Farmingdale, Wicked Frozen is a mash-up musical parody telling the story of precocious preteen Adele Dazeem and drama club teacher Kristen Chenobell, as they embark on a magical journey to the land of ScandiNorFinDelle. Currently running off-Broadway at the St. Luke's Theater. www.wickedfrozen.com

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Time Out New York Critic's Pick & Featured 'Thing To Do'

"Like an ice capade infused with psychedelic drugs, this musical parody of Wicked and Frozen goes wild to hit every mark a fan could desire. Join a talented cast as they take on characters like Adele Dazeem, Kristen Chenobell and Elsaba and journey through distorted versions of cherished intellectual properties, all with a sharp satirical eye on their surroundings."


DC Metro Theater Arts Review

"The spot-on send-up. . .is filled with high-energy song and dance, goofy characters, scrambled names and places, pop-culture references, Boston jargon, and a decidedly Millennial sense of humor."


"Wicked Frozen is a witty, fast-paced, and spirited post-modern take-off on the iconic interwoven eponymous stories, seen through the eyes of a contemporary teen."

TheatreScene Review

"Wicked Frozen is high caliber silliness with twists of emotion."

"The cheery, witty and melodious score has lyrics by Ms. Farmingdale and Toby Singer and music by Mr. Singer. An ode to IKEA is particularly catchy. Mr. Singer’s successfully eclectic music is perfectly realized by his arrangements and sound design."


"Farmingdale’s high energy direction emphasizes briskness that sustains the comedy as well as feeling and achieves a grand scope on the contained stage."

Nina In New York (2013) - Composer, Co-Lyricist
With Zoe Farmingdale, an exploration of friends moving to NYC, and then getting slowly picked off by life, love and Austin. Written in two weeks, it was performed precisely once in January 2014.

South Hall (2006) - Composer, Lyricist, Book
Initially written for a playwriting class at the University of Michigan, this genre-hopping story about a love triangle and the world outside the cloistered walls of a college campus, debuted in Ann Arbor, and was then produced twice in Charleston, South Carolina.


Workspace (2017) - Composer, Co-writer

Scripted musical episodic comedy series blending an unholy mix of epic space drama, and droll office comedy.  Think Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy meets the Office, or a cubicle farm on the Starship Enterprise.  In commercial development with a Canadian production company.


B.A. in Music Theory - University of Michigan (2005)

Gruff - Composer, Co-Lyricist

Developed in collaboration with Doppelskope. Retelling of the Billy Goats Gruff through a critique of colonialism and an environmentalist lens. A variety of puppetry. Premiered summer 2014 for a 6-week run at Muhlenberg Summer Theater. Was produced in 2016 at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.  Made NYC debut in two month run at the PIT in 2017, was featured in the New York Times, and then ran off-Broadway with Vital Theatre Company. Opening spring 2018 at Long Island Children's Museum.

Debate Team (2017) - Composer, Lyricist, Book
Brutal parable about technology and ego. A loose retelling of Candide, through the lens of Silicon Valley, it debuted at the 2016 Fort Worth Fringe Festival, and made its NYC debut in a reading in February 2017.


South By South Death (2016) - Co-Composer/Lyricist/Book

A campy slasher-comedy musical, set at a music festival, written with Jared Saltiel. Debuted as part of the August Labs at Brooklyn’s National Sawdust. SXSD is an epic rock musical about #envy, #ambition and #Instagram.

Growl (2016) - Composer

Developed in collaboration with Brooklyn physical theatre troupe Doppelskope, Growl is a satire of commercialism told through a topsy-turvy reworking of Goldilocks and Three Bears. Premiered summer 2016 for a 6-week run at Muhlenberg Summer Music Theatre.

Grimm (2015) - Composer

Developed in collaboration with Doppelskope, Grimm is a funny and moving piece about technology's impact on our creativity. Includes puppetry, clowning and a strong German steampunk aesthetic. Premiered summer 2015 for a 6-week run at Muhlenberg Summer Music Theatre.