The Coming Storm (South By South Death) : Unholy blending of latin-groove, klezmer and pure unadulterated 60s pop.  Finale of act 1 of this satirical slasher musical. (live)

Wake Up (Grimm) : Anthemic, full-throated song about getting our faces out of our phones, and being aware of technology's role in our lives.  (cast album)

Down The Rabbit Hole (Utopia of Now) : Top of 2nd act burner.  Existing somewhere in the world between Hamilton, Dave Malloy and Ben Folds. (demo)

Don't Hold On (Wicked Frozen) : When you write a parody mash up of Wicked and Frozen...you write your own 'Let It Go.'  And then you throw in Defying Gravity. (cast album)

Even If Nobody Reads It (Utopia of Now) : A burst of sincerity, and autobiographical surfacing, towards the end of this Candide adaptation. (demo)

What's Ours Is Yours (Gruff) : Trolls singing about environmental conservation, but also dancing and having a good ole time. (cast album)

I Get Lost In Ikea (Wicked Frozen) : An ode to the vapid, hot and dumb Prince Ikea...and also the store. (demo)

Face In The Crowd (Utopia Of Now : The CEO of All & Ever describing his surveillance system. (demo)

Freshmen (South Hall) : A ballad from my very first musical, South Hall. Little known fact. Pasek and Paul were actually in the room for its first show at the U of Michigan Hillel!

Choose Your Friends Wisely (Workspace) : From the pilot episode of Workspace, currently in talks with CBC. (demo)

South Hall (South Hall) : The title track from South Hall. One of my favorite early tunes, with a lot of harmonic left turns. (demo)

I Believe In The Utopia Of Now (Debate Team) : The opening number, where we meet the enthusiastic employees of All & Ever.  Spoiler alert: things fall apart quickly. (demo)

Nothing Could Stop Us (Gruff) : The oldest and biggest goat explains the origin myths of goats, in this song from Gruff. (cast album)

The Selfie Killer (South By South Death) : Inevitably, music blogger fangirls of a clever serial killer sing a Steely Dan-inflected R&B tune about their obsession. (live)

As Far As It Goes (Nina In New York) : Funky, R&B-ish tune about following your own road, whatever weird places it might lead. (rough live recording)

Left To My Own Devices (Grimm) : Sweet melody about a dark subject, of getting lost in our technology to the detriment of our relationships with those around us.  (cast album

Romance Is A Room (Wicked Frozen) : This is a parody of Love Is An Open Door that I was reticent to write for awhile, but finally did it and boy I'm glad I did. (demo)

Scandinorfindelle (Wicked Frozen) : A pretty elaborate suite of songs introducing the world of Wicked Frozen, including an alma mater ode to Shitz University. (demo)

Till My Legs Give Out : I wrote this, shortly after Hurricane Sandy. Will be attached to an upcoming song cycle in development.

Odysseus (Here Comes Saturn): Maybe my favorite thing I've ever written. Originally on a pop album of mine, will be part of an adaptation of Odysseus.

Cinderella Song (Here Comes Saturn) : Long, beautiful, sad, slow. Also will be a part of that Odysseus adaptation.