Musical Theatre Production History (as of September 2020)


Wicked Frozen

Music/Lyrics/Co-Book (w/Zoe Farmingdale)


2018 St. Luke’s Theater (off-Broadway), New York, NY

2015 People’s Improv Theater, New York, NY

2014 People’s Improv Theater, New York, NY

2014 West Village Musical Theater Festival, New York, NY (festival winner)



Music/Co-Lyrics (w/Ora Fruchter & Christopher Scheer)


2018 Long Island Children’s Museum, Garden City, NY

2017 Vital Theater Company (off-Broadway), New York, NY

2017 Indianapolis Children’s Theater, Indianapolis, IN

2017 People’s Improv Theater, New York, NY

2014 Muhlenberg Summer Theatre, Allentown, PA


The Brojan War



2019 Fronterafest, Austin, TX (won series)


The Utopia of Now


2017 Fort Worth Fringe Festival, Fort Worth, TX


South By South Death

Co-Music/Co-Lyrics/Co-Book (w/Jared Saltiel)


2016 National Sawdust Labs, Brooklyn, NY



Music/Co-Lyrics (w/Ora Fruchter & Christopher Scheer)


2016 Muhlenberg Summer Theatre, Allentown, PA



Music/Co-Lyrics (w/Ora Fruchter & Christopher Scheer)


2015 Muhlenberg Summer Theatre, Allentown, PA