MAY 2018


Wicked Frozen (Composer, Lyricist, Music Director, Sound Designer) 

Written with Zoe Farmingdale


A dark and absurdly comic musical mash-up of Wicked and Frozen, functioning both as a climate change parable, and a referendum on our collective human anxieties. 



Off-Broadway at the St. Luke’s Theatre (Time Out New York Critic’s Pick) - March - December 2018

Second City Chicago - February 2018

People’s Improv Theatre (Time Out New York Critic’s Pick) - February 2015

People’s Improv Theater (Time Out New York Critic’s Pick) - October 2014

2014 West Village Musical Theatre Festival (Best In Festival) - June 2014

Musical Selections (2015 cast album & 2018 off-Broadway demo):

Scandinorfindelle: A suite of musically diverse song vignettes introducing the world of Wicked Frozen, including an alma mater ode to Shitz University. Think a magic ice witch princess version of Omigod You Guys. This recording is from a simpler version of the song.


Be Okay: This song has been the emotional core of the show since the beginning, relating many of the unspoken anxieties and fears that we all live with. Still one of my favorite things I've ever penned.

Don't Hold On: When you write a parody mash up of Wicked and write your own 'Let It Go.'  And then you throw in Defying Gravity, for good measure.

Off Broadway performance from 6-3-18 at the St. Luke's Theater in New York. 

Gruff (Composer, Co-Lyricist, Music Director, Sound Designer)

Written with Doppelskope


A high-energy environmentalist retelling of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Think Fern Gully, the musical. Commissioned by Muhlenberg College Summer Theatre.



Long Island Children’s Museum - May 2018 - June 2018

Off-Broadway with Vital Theatre Company (featured in the New York Times) - August 2017

Indianapolis Children’s Museum - June 2017 - August 2017

People’s Improv Theatre (featured in the New York Times) - April 2017 - June 2017

2014 Muhlenberg College Summer Theatre - June 2014 - August 2014

Musical Selections (from 2017 cast album):

Beautiful Day: A driving, optimistic opening song that shows how deluded three young goats are about their trash-covered, toxic waste-ridden world.



Nothing Could Stop Us: The old goat Frack relates the goat origin story, in a joyful song that betrays the goat society's ruthless culture of conquest. 



What's Ours Is Yours: The trolls have an opportunity to explain to the young goat Gruf their views of the world, and everyone's relationship to it. 


South By South Death (Co-Composer/Lyricist/Playwright, Music Director)

Written with Jared Saltiel


A campy slasher-comedy musical, set at a summer music festival. South By South Death is an epic rock musical about #envy, #ambition and #Instagram. Headed towards a summer 2018 workshop, and a fall 2018 full production.



August Labs @ National Sawdust (Workshop)- August 2016

Musical Selections (from 2016 live workshop):


The Coming Storm: Glorious musical theatre freak-out act 1 finale.



The Selfie Killer: Inevitably, music blogger fangirls of a clever serial killer sing a Steely Dan-inflected R&B tune about their obsession.

Go It Alone: It's a slasher, so at some point, everybody has to go it...alone.

The Utopia Of Now (Composer, Lyricist, Playwright)

Like a cell-phone obsessed Urinetown, The Utopia Of Now (formerly Debate Team) is a darkly hilarious, Swiftian look at technological ambition, greed, and most of all, our human need for connection. The show takes place in real-time, over the two most important hours in human history.



People's Improv Theatre (Workshop) - February 2017

2016 Fort Worth Fringe Festival - March 2016

Musical Selections (2017 demos):


I Believe In The Utopia Of Now: We meet New York of the near-future, from wildly advanced cell phones, to the G train extended all the way to Staten Island. Think Ease On Down The Road meets Book of Mormon.


Down The Rabbit Hole: Top of 2nd act number that exists somewhere in the world between Hamilton, Dave Malloy and Ben Folds. 

Even If Nobody Reads It: A sincere soliloquy sung by the show's heroine.

The Match (Composer, Lyricist, Playwright)

A supernatural fantasia of the life of Jewish heroine Hannah Senesh, juxtaposed against a lesser known character in her story, Rudolf Kastner. A story of idealism versus pragmatism, on a grand scale.

Musical Selections (2018 demos):


Hard Place - Rudolf Kastner comes face to face with  the Nazi machine.


Budapest, Budapest - Hannah relates her childhood growing up in Budapest.


Shine A Light - A recurring theme, inspired by Hannah's poetry.


My Root - Hannah's mother Catherine sings to her daughter, while both imprisoned in Budapest.

Grimm (Composer, Music Director, Sound Designer)


A funny and moving piece about technology's impact on our lives and creativity. Includes puppetry, clowning and a strong German steampunk aesthetic. Commissioned by Muhlenberg College Summer Theatre. Written with Brooklyn experimental theatre company Doppelskope.



2015 Muhlenberg College Summer Theatre - June 2015 - August 2015

Musical Selections (from 2015 cast album & solo demo):


Wake Up: Anthemic, full-throated song about getting our faces out of our phones, and being aware of technology's role in our lives.


Left To My Own Devices: Sweet melody about a dark subject: getting lost in our technology to the detriment of our relationships with those around us.

Finale: This song is an exhortation to imagination, unfettered by digital influences.


South Hall (Composer, Lyricist, Playwright)


South Hall is an expansive, musically diverse story about a love triangle and the world outside the cloistered walls of a college campus, under the spectre of 9/11.


West Village Blackbox (Workshop) - February 2009

Theatre 99 in Charleston, SC - March 2007

University of Michigan Hillel (Concert)- June 2006

Growl (Composer, Music Director, Sound Designer)


An absurdist satire of commercialism told through a topsy-turvy reworking of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Commissioned by Muhlenberg College Summer Theatre. Written with Brooklyn experimental theatre company Doppelskope.



2016 Muhlenberg College Summer Theatre - June 2016 - August 2016

Nina In New York (Composer, Lyricist, Music Director)


A rough around the edges folk music exploration of a group of friends in New York in the middle aughts. Notable that it was written in two weeks, with Zoe Farmingdale. A month later, we began to write Wicked Frozen.



Atlas Hugged (Reading) - January 2014


Odysseus (Composer, Lyricist, Playwright)

A swirling, one-man autobiographical adaptation of the Odyssey dealing with the stigmas of mental health, depression, and modern anxiety. To be performed with a live dance ensemble.

The Boy Of Old (Composer, Lyricist, Playwright)

A very loose, chamber adaptation of Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree.

The Brojan War (Composer, Lyricist, Playwright)

A brutal takedown of men's rights activists as told through an adaptation of the Homeric epics.

Grendel (Composer, Lyricist)

A one-monster (with twelve puppeteers) industrial metal musical sung in the Old English, telling the Beowulf epic from the monster's perspective.

Jake And 1 (Composer, Lyricist, Playwright)

An adaptation of the story of Jacob's ladder, set on a basketball campus at a large state university in the Midwest. Think Rookie Of The Year, but college basketball.


Here Comes Saturn (2013)

Stylistically, an homage of sorts to Nick Drake. Content-wise, a series of story songs covering the travails of a late-twenties man in New York. These songs were performed solo, and under an ensemble name: Toby Singer & The Storm.

Musical Selections:

Summer Stunner (2011)

A fuzzed-out, home-recorded, electro-crunk-soul record covering the events of an August break-up. Played and toured live with my band, Go Go Ghost.

Musical Selections:

Odds & Ends

A selection of some 'other' songs, from over the years, with varying degrees of production polish.

Musical Selections: