I fight for melody, above all else.


I write in pursuit of joy, the above notwithstanding.


While I stand for joyful art, perhaps I stand even more for joyful art-making. 


I intend to create art that is full of the seriousness, the meaninglessness, and the preciousness of life, all at once.


I am not to get too self-absorbed by what I make nor undersell its intrinsic value. I stand for assertive collaboration – working together doesn’t mean turning over your agency.

I am driven by a responsibility to make art that shines a flashlight on a troubled world, even if I don’t understand if or how my contribution helps. I must do my part, even though that is almost certainly not enough.


I see genre as a hat to wear. One should own a number of hats.

I feel the need to attempt to express the ineffable, while holding the contradictory notion of spirituality and religiosity in a secular, science-based world.


I seek the altered chord, the surprising musical turn, the chill on your neck, the melody that pops into your head at random times, the earbuds in public tears of a private experience that if only they could hear it they would join you in this moment feeling, the raucous singalong, the self-parodying, and the unparalleled joy of experiencing others enjoying what you created.


Really, that is the core of it: I write to make myself feel something, and then put it in the hands of my community with the hope it makes them feel something too.